Karolina Adamiec

Karolina was born and raised in Poland. One day, as a quite mature woman, she decided to travel the world. Meanwhile she gave birth to a baby and all in all she stayed and lived in Mexico for a couple of years. This period became significant in the context of a charity work. She started her adventure with helping mexican children, raising money for school accessories and educational materials mostly.

Years were passing. Meanwhile Karolina travelled a lot and finally, in 2013 she settled in London. Until now, she is a reporter in London's polish television. Living here she felt she is still hungry for helping.

That is why Karolina established the charity with her close friends. As she says: "This is what makes me feel alive. When I feel someone is happier it keeps me going and I want do more and more to make the world better with all these good people around me". 

Karolina actively supports children in Gambia. She is still seeking possibilities to help.

Natalia Olejniczak

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